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About Me ...

Name: Johann Nepomuk Löfflmann
Profession: since Feb 2000 Diplom-Informatiker (FH)
since Feb 1993 Datenverarbeitungskaufmann (IHK)
Int. Certificates: see LinkedIn, Xing, and Credly
Place of Domicile:
Munich, Germany
Place of Birth: Deggendorf, Germany
Year of Birth: The 9th root of the octal number
Family Status: married, two children
Patron Saint: Who was Nepomuk?
Johann in Schweden

My profession is computer science. I am Datenverarbeitungskaufmann (IHK) [Information and telecommunication system support specialist], Diplom-Informatiker (FH) and I have been working for more than twenty years for the professional IT-Industry (BMW, Sun Microsystems, Oracle). In my spare time, I love to code for free, open source and independent projects. 

I was born in Bavaria and I am happy to live there. I know where my roots are, I see myself as an European and I see our world globally. I am a supporter of both free speach and freedom. I am against any war. However, I am not a pacifist since my zodiac sign is scorpion I fight against resistance as far as it will go. However, I am not superstitious, because I strongly believe in an almighty good. Thank goodness, I am far from being a religous fanatic, however I am a fan and supporter of everything that loves the light side of the force. I don't see the world black or white. I see it colorful, dirty and twinkling.

For me relaxation means drawing, painting and composing, philosophizing, taking photos, travelling and sport. I also like to go to the cinema, visiting musicals, concerts and hearing good music. My strongest hobby is to study and research new fields of knowledge. My motto: you must know really a lot in order to know how less you actually know ;-) My love is with my family, Bavaria, New York, Christmas and snow covered landscapes, European and Asian cuisine, the sun and the oceans.

Johann in Washington D. C.


Money: "Becomes more important the less you have" and "I would rather give 10 Euros than being asked for 50."
Dream Girl: "Don't search for her. If you are awake, you will find her."
Friends: "Real friends are very important, friends you always can count on."
Family: "Very important since family is everything."
Annoy: "I don't like arrogance, ignorance, Stupidity, falseness and dishonesty."
Glad: "I believe to be a very optimistic human and I am happy that being optimistic pay it out every day."
Freedom: Benjamin Franklin (you find him on the 100 US dollar banknote) said: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Success: "Success is to leave one's mark."
Perfection: "To take time even for the small things in life with great attention to detail."